Oil Change

An Oil Change is the best thing you can do to preserve the health of your vehicle. At Pennzoil EZ Lube it’s more than just an oil change, it’s a complete oil, fluid and filter preventative maintenance program that takes only a few minutes. Choose from conventional, semi or full synthetic warranty-approved Pennzoil oils. As part of our Oil Change, we will:

  • Replace oil with up to 5 litres of supreme quality Pennzoil motor oil
  • Replace the oil filter with a Premium warranty-approved oil filter
  • Check and fill all fluids at no extra cost (except brake fluid)
  • Inspect air filtration system and wiper blades
  • Lubricate your chassis (when applicable)
  • Check condition of belts
  • Check and set tires to the proper pressure
  • Review your vehicle’s service recommendations based on your vehicle’s mileage and your owner’s manual

Bonus! You will also receive a top-up card which allows a free top-up of motor oil with the same type of oil purchased (up to 1 Litre) between service visits for up to 6000 kms