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Customer Testimonials

Good day, I would like to take some time out of my day to send compliments and my appreciation towards your Langford location, from service done on my truck today. I came in there this morning and the 3 bays were full so just as I was about to put my vehicle in park to wait for directions, your manager caught my eye and was standing in front of my truck greeting me with a smile and newspaper. He told me to drive in as soon as the other people in front of me pulled out of the bay just seconds after I pulled up so I didn’t even have to wait. The fellow that greeted me inside had top notch customer service, I can’t remember his name right now but the important thing is getting my compliments out. He had two cool lip piercings though, and was very intelligent and thorough, explaining what I should have done without making me feel like I was paying for services that are unnecessary. I felt comfortable and appreciated as a customer and as a female combat veteran. The manager was very kind and obviously displays great leadership qualities to be leading the staff and his positive, work ethics reflect that and therefore the company shines for it. I hope this message gets to the head office and owner of the business because it seems all to often these days customer service lacks quality and the staff don’t care because their boss doesn’t and that leads to customer complaints and negativity builds. People don’t often take enough time to compliment people and I therefor I am. Thank you for the great service, If I wasn’t before, I am now a loyal customer thanks to these two and the staff that worked on my truck so efficiently. Thanks again!

– Carol

I would like to take this opportunity to comment on the excellent service I received this past Saturday. Not only was my service Tech (Doug) polite, diligent, courteous, knowledgeable, but he and your entire staff displayed a commitment to customer service. I can see why your company has received awards for customer service to the community. As an Automotive Technician and former Business operator in this same community, I enjoy experiencing excellent customer service, something I feel we are lacking in today’s society (my opinion only). As a first time EZLube customer I was very impressed with your entire operation. Well done and keep up the great work!

– Tim

Good morning Gary, I just wanted to make you aware of the great, friendly service I received last week. I came in for my first, solo, oil change. Meaning, my car used to be under warranty so I always took it to the dealership. The young man that helped me was new to your shop. I asked if I could watch what he was doing, while he changed my oil, and he was more than happy to have me at his side. I’ve never actually seen under my own hood! He answered all my questions and was quite pleasant. It seems to me that you are a lucky man to have such great employees that clearly enjoy their job. It was easy to noticed how well your staff meshed together while working. You are now my local maintenance shop. Warm Regards, Denise

– Denise

I sincerely had the best experience taking my truck into your shop. The manager Ron was polite, very knowledgeable, professional and most of all honest. He explained to me that I did not yet require an oil change and for that I must say hats off to Ron. Any other shop probably would have just taken my money and for that I would like to recommend this location to everyone I know including those of you reading this! Honest folk ain’t easy to find in this world. Ron and his crew inspected my truck for any other maintenance issues free of charge and found a couple minor issues which I was glad to get fixed. My truck now runs and feels brand new after their services, thank you EZLube! All in all a great experience with which I am very satisfied. Rock on guys!

– Bryce

I was in for an oil change and had the most incredible experience. I was served by Jason, who was polite and very professional. I believe the other person’s name was Corey and both men impressed me with their knowledge and answered any of my questions. I sent my husband in today with our second car. Thank you so much guys.

– Melissa D

Dear Gary, I just had another notable customer service experience at your location. A few weeks ago was my first time to your shop. There are many in the field between Duncan and Victoria. I lucked into your shop for some basic service. I was so impressed, I decided to return to inquire about three or four other services. Your team, Slade and others (sorry I do not have all the names) were so honest and sincere and taught me about my vehicle. It was such a treat to have honest input and no up selling. I felt it was important enough to let you know. They are pleasant, professional, efficient and honest. It is definitely worth the drive and I will try to refer others to your shop. Thank you so much.

– Nancy W.

I just wanted to send a personal thanks to Dan!  Great service and honest guy.  Informed me I wasn’t due for an oil change, topped me up on oil instead of hosing me into a change when it wasn’t required. Well done, great to see a business that treats their customers with respect.  Thanks again Dan, your the man.”

– Steve D.

Came in today to have my fluids checked. Dan the man helped me. Levels were good and I’m good to go for another 6000 kms. He checked into a burnt out light bulb. It had exploded and I needed it to be replaced. We chatted until the bulb arrived. Once the bulb was replaced…my battery had died. He gave me a jump start and told me to come back in a couple days to have my battery tested as I’m heading away on a trip. The time and concern he took was fantastic!! Great service, friendly staff and I will definitely be back. Thanks!

– Tracey M.

Good day to you Gary, I meant to email you before but I forgot so am doing it now after my second oil change. I got your card from the lads as I was so impressed with how they work. First visit I got there and then realized I didn’t have my wallet, was willing to walk home for it but the manager drove me home, with my dog. It took them a long time for the oil change as it was a mess so had to clean out the system twice which was okay as I took my dog for a walk. Second trip, They remembered me and that yes, I had forgotten my wallet. It had been a several months since I had been there and was thrilled to know that they remembered me by name and were so good to me. I am all for having fun and interacting with as many people as I can. I know that too many remember all the horrible things people do but I try to forget and really appreciate the good in people who genuinely care about others. I have thanked them for being great guys and know that they love what they are doing. Just wanted to pass this along, I am a female who knows nothing about engines and don’t want to and enjoyed the wonderful visit to your shop and the gang who work very well together. Thank you for your time, don’t let any of them leave your shop as they are great.

– Kelley

Hi, just a complement on your service techs, the gentleman with the black rimmed glasses noticed when I had the oil changed on my 2009 Dodge Truck that there was something a miss with the drive shaft. I mentioned it to my husband, fortunately while he was driving 25 kms an hour 2 days later the drive shaft fell off. Yes, fell off, cracking the transmission case and causing quite a problem on the highway. Dodge is fixing it without any cost to us but I just wanted to let you know that your tech really knows what he is talking about. I have stopped in to let him know how much I appreciated the heads up and am so glad that it happened to my husband while he was going so slow. Thanks again!

– Theresa C.

The purpose of my email is to let you know how pleased I am with the service I get whenever I have my car serviced at EZLube. I was there last week and I was yet again impressed with the professionalism and the honesty of your employees. They are all exceptional! I would like to commend in particular Rob who changed my steering fluid such a fine polite young man. A BIG THANK YOU Mr Preston for giving us (your customers ) the opportunity to still enjoy honesty and a service with a smile.

– Noele

I just wanted to let you know that I received amazing service today. I had a problem with my radiator and happened to have a replacement with me. Well, Rob had my old rad out and the new one in, in under an hour, he also recommended chemical flush and I was able to see the night and day difference it made. That has given me a peace of mind that is worth every penny. Thanks to your crew and Rob especially for taking my problem and making it golden. You guys know your stuff!

– Jon S.

I brought my F350 Superduty in to see if they could “help” as it went into limp mode. Ron and your team went beyond my expectations and helped me by not doing anything but recommend I get it to a Ford dealership ASAP. I contacted Ford again and they told me what needed to be done! I am now bringing my vehicle in for an oil change today, have recommended your team to everyone I know and will bring my personal home vehicles (didn’t say I had 5 of them so they didn’t know) in to this place exclusively for the services you provide. I have been in customer service at all levels for 35 years and I expect the best. Your team was better than the best I have ever seen.

– John M.

I just wanted to say that I had the best service today 🙂 I am a young female and knowing nothing about cars I forget simple things like maintaining my car once in awhile. I realized I was overdue for an oil change, but as usual I am always reluctant to stop at an oil change place. I am intimidated by them, ha ha. And to be honest I usually go to Mr. Lube but today I thought I would try EZLube. I want to say, without a doubt, the most pleasant oil change experience ever. Ryan was my oil mechanic guy and he was super sweet and explained everything that my car needed to me. For once I wasn’t confused about what a mechanic was saying! Lol. The manager was also super nice and the environment was so friendly and comfortable. I am extremely impressed and will be passing this information to all my lady friends. Thank you.

– Katie

Good morning, I was in yesterday for a quick oil change. Just wanted to say that Daniel was the technician for my car. Professional, courteous, and very informative. Thanks I was very impressed with the service. Will be back.

– J Pedlow

Hi, I would like to take the time to shed light on an outstanding employee. I visited your location with concerns of my fluid levels and PTO box. Dan (aka Dan the Man) was very informative, professional, and genuine. He went above and beyond to explain my options and steered myself in the right direction. His service was commendable. I will be visiting your location again in the future.

– Lisa

I was very impressed today with your staff and your service! I had never used EZLube before and was recommended to use your establishment. I would just like to say that your staff and service are impeccable! My fast and very courteous work was done professionally by a technician named Ryan. Ryan was amazing! His knowledge and friendly manner in the way he explained your service, and how it affected my car made me feel very welcome. In this day and age when service maybe at an all time low (as quality goes), Ryan put my mind at ease and I was not nervous. So thank you very much for the integrity and character that many businesses seem to lack these days! I will be a very happily returning customer and will be sure to pass on how fantastic your staff and service is! Bravo!

– Mr. G. Hunter

When I went to your shop on Friday for an oil change Ron discovered that the belt on the supercharger was off. They were so very good about it and got new parts immediately and did the repairs to get it fixed up like new. I was really impressed with Ron and Dan for the way they took care of me and my car. As it turned out I didn’t even need and oil change! Well done and many thanks!

– Muriel

Hi Gary, hope this message finds you and your family doing well. I was by your shop a few weeks ago and continue to be amazed by the outstanding customer service that spills out from your employees. They explained to me that I didn’t need an oil change in my Beetle yet. Anywhere else would have taken my money and performed the service regardless. I’m a customer for life!

– Deborah

I get my oil changed and other services done EZLube all the time. All of the staff is great, very welcoming, and very knowledgable. They’ve helped me out in a pinch a few times. The customer service is perfect. I look forward to my oil change with these guys!

– Dan

I have been a regular customer of EZLube for a few years and have always been pleased with the service and that is why I drive from Vic West to your location. My last visit there was for a coolant flush as I was having coolant issues. Travis was the fellow who worked on my old Jeep. It was suggested that I get a fuel filter too, so I looked through my receipts and maintenance records and agreed to that service as well. When I got home I noticed about 15 minutes later an excessive amount of coolant dripping from the front of my Jeep. I called Travis and he said that he or his boss would come to my house to look at it. This to me was just something I did not expect and sure enough a couple hours later Rob showed up and got to work checking out my Jeep. He found the problem and offered to fix it the next day (Sunday) but in the meantime he gave me a small container of coolant and explained the whole coolant system and how it works. He eased my mind about driving to your shop and not overheating. I went in on Sunday and Rob got straight to work again. I walked to the mall and returned to see Travis there on his day off helping Rob. I tell you Gary these two guys went above and beyond typical service. They explained what a great owner you are and that this is what you want the customer experience to be. I am so proud and pleased to be able to share my story with as many friends and family members as I can. Thank you for encouraging great customer service. My total bill was around $400 but it is the first time that I felt like I was taken care of not taken advantage of (by mechanics not EZLube).

– Nina

Hey Gary, just a quick note, my daughter went and got an oil change in her jeep today, oil change fluid check and replace rear diff fluid, she said they were so nice and treated her so well she was very impressed, Justin I believe. Please let your staff know from a young lady’s father much appreciated!

– Glenn

I am just writing to express my gratitude for exceptional service by Rob Vincent. My husband and I were driving up to Nanaimo to see our family on Easter Sunday when the emissions control light went off on our car. We were so worried that this would be a problem for us to travel. But of course, it being Easter Sunday no shops were open. But when we called EZLube, Rob answered the phone and said he was just finishing his inventory and was about to head home, but he would wait for us if we could stop by and he would check it out quickly for us. This was astounding to us that he would go above and beyond for someone he didn’t know. When we got there, he did an analysis and assured us that we could keep driving to Nanaimo without damage to our car. We’ve since taken our car in to get repaired (as Rob suggested), but we are so grateful to Rob for his kindness on an Easter weekend. We are so happy we got to spend time with our family. So thanks for the exceptional customer service!

– Heather

Thank you very much Ron and Ryan! I was a little hesitant not taking my vehicle into Ford to have an oil change done. But no longer. The service you provided was top notch and proved to me that I was getting taken for a ride at my dealer. Telling me that I didn’t need one right away saved me time and money. See you in a couple of months!

– Leven

Dear Gary, I just wanted to send some positive feedback to you. I had our Avalanche serviced today, and even though it was towards the end of what must have been a very busy day, your employees provided stellar service. We’ve been customers for a few years now, and each time I visit I’m impressed with how courteous and thorough your staff are. Kudos to you and your employees, thank you for providing exceptional service – it is noticed and appreciated!

– Mike and Kari

I came in for an oil change today. I would like to thank Josh, I believe that was his name, for being so helpful and very informative with any questions that I had. He was very pleasant and had excellent customer service.  

– John

Dear Gary, ever since I discovered EZLube I have been a customer of yours. I was a bit dismayed when I found that the outlet on Douglas Street was no longer in your hands… however, I decided to go for a quick drive the other day to Langford and look for your outlet in the Western Communities. I have always been very pleased with the way that your employees have dealt with “a female” and an older one at that. The fellows at your outlet were just as friendly and informative as the downtown ones. In fact, I think my fellow’s name was Ron, he said he used to be in town. I relish the fact that there is no hard sell (unlike other oil change businesses) and that all of the employees that I have encountered over the years have been fully educated in the tasks that they are required to perform. In my case I purchased not only an oil change but a new battery as it was over eight years old and beginning to fade and even got my car washed even though it was a Movember promotion. I am very pleased with your service and thought you would like to know. I will not hesitate to refer you to any of my “older friends” and send them there for the care of their vehicles.

– Marnie

Dear Ron, I had an oil change today at your garage. I would like to say that Rob was a star and he was very helpful with the needs of my car. I felt so happy to have someone explain things so I could understand for that I will keep giving you business and recommend you to friends and family! Many thanks and see you soon!

– Nancy

My husband and I have brought our three vehicles to both your locations over the past years. We are so impressed with the staff. They are very helpful and knowledgeable about the vehicles we drive and services needed. It is so refreshing to deal with staff who are upfront and honest. I was at your location on Saturday morning and so appreciated the service I was given. Please pass along our compliments to your staff for a job well done. You are obviously doing something right!

– Sue and Tony

Yesterday I noticed that the temperature gauge on my Tracker kept going up after just 5 minutes of driving it. When I pulled in, just off to the side of the cars waiting for their oil changes, I noticed that smoke was coming from just under the hood of my Tracker. I was very grateful when Shane came out of the office and walked over to me with a smile. Shane popped the hood of the Tracker, saw that the engine was really hot, even to the touch, and that the reserve for the coolant was empty. After a few minutes Shane took the cap off the Radiator and noticed that it was empty. I also pointed out that my son had put coolant in the windshield washer holder and that I was trying to figure out how to get it out. Shane magically brought over a device to pump out the windshield washer bin dry. Next he brought over coolant and filled up both my radiator and the reserve. He instructed me to start my car as he watched to make sure there weren’t any air bubbles. Once Shane was certain the radiator was back to normal, he filled up the windshield washer bin. And with a final smile told me I was okay to drive it. I coach junior paddlers and was on my way down when Shane saved me. His kindness will never be forgotten.

– Marianne

Just to let you know, I had my car serviced at your last Tuesday and I must  say you certainly run a polished operation there. The young guy was extremely knowledgeable and courteous. Went in for a quick oil change, he even took extra time wiggled something in there and got my headlight working again. A job that I was not looking forward to. I will be sending my wife’s SUV in there from now on and will certainly be recommending your services to others.

– Joe

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the great work that you and your team have done for my mustang convertible. Today was the second time that I have had work done on my car at your business and both times I have been impressed by the respectful attitude and knowledge that you have shared with me. I appreciated the time you spent answering my questions. I will definitely make sure that if I will check in with you guys first if I have any further questions about the car!

– Barbara

I just wanted to send you a quick email about the outstanding service that I received. I was in a few weeks ago to have an oil change and a rear deferential check done on my truck. Due to me not driving my truck on a regular basis I thought it was due for an oil change. When I arrived at the shop it was discovered that I did not need an oil change after all. I value the honesty that was given to myself by the attendant. In most companies they would do the oil change anyways in order to make money. I also was impressed with the time that was given to myself in discussing my rear deferential fluid check as it was quite dark and burned after not having the fluid changed that many km’s ago. They discussed with me what I could do the next time I was in and why this could be occurring. The attendants were knowledgeable, friendly and honest and this is why I have continued to come back for years. I appreciate the service that is offered to both myself and girlfriend and during the many visits I have not been disappointed. I would like to give extra kudos to Travis and also the guy in the pit who also specializes in rear deferential work (I am unsure of his name). They were very welcoming, friendly, honest and knowledgeable. Thanks for the excellent customer service and work!

– Brandon

I have been a customer for many years and todays service is why I’m contacting you. Bay #2 at 1:30pm. The person providing the service on the deck was (I think) Josh. The person down below doing the work. I would like to comment on this incredible service. I’ve never received such perfect service for as long as I can remember. He was quick, detailed and completely professional. His ability to make it seem as though I was his only client all day…BRILLIANT! I did ask to speak to the Manager, where I advised of the great service today. “If you had more staff like Josh, your doors would never close”. This is good stuff that kid has a future in whatever he does. Keep him he is the kind you use to train others. You’ve got a GEM. I hope you will find time to personally let Josh know his work ethic, how he performs his job is just TOP NOTCH. Also, I did get a chance to listen to the communication between Josh and the guy below working… and that to was also was professional and positive. Great work guys. Thanks to both of them. I am still a happy customer.

– Darren

Hello, I would like to forward my compliments to Pennzoil EZLUBE (specifically to employee Dane) for providing outstanding service on my most recent visit. Dane has such a positive and friendly manner that came naturally as he went out of his way to ensure not only that I was comfortable and taken care of while I waited for the service, but also that I fully understood the service options. How refreshing! He was honest and fair with pricing and patiently awaited my decisions. When I decided to replace my windshield wipers he had to order them. There was a delay for the parts distributor to arrive but I was entertained and partook in friendly conversation which made the wait seem shorter. Service was #1 for Dane which really presents a positive image of your company. He is an asset to the business as he not only took care of my needs that day but managed to up sell an additional service (wipers) and has locked in my business for the future needs of my vehicle. Way to go! Thanks to Dane and Langford EZLUBE for such a delightfully positive experience. Regards, Jennifer.

– Jennifer

I was into today and received as always as I have over many, many years incredible service (which I feel today though went over and above). Carefully going over all the things (that I suspected) needed attention, they were also helpful just giving me little maintenance hints. The most important issue though was, and I can’t stress enough how important this was, the young men noticing that I had quite a serious (sharp) ‘foreign object’ in my tire that I had not seen. I was promptly sent over to SOS tires nearby who removed a very nasty sharp piece of metal that had fully punctured my tire. As I am returning on a 500km highway trip (with kids in the car!), and can’t help feeling that a somewhat unfortunate incident had been prevented. Please pass on my thanks for all their kind assistance!

– Dale

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